Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem

I declare to be the interim Islamic Caliph (Khalifa, Amir al-Mu'minin, Iman & the man!) until a new Khalifa is elected.

My qualifications are that I am a 3 Star General in the Holy struggle, using the Pen as a Sword, I am listed as the Top 20 Islamic authors, published half a dozen comparative religion books, striking the West with Truth, turning more than 1,000 Westerners into Islamic Union citizens, my focus on Islamic Union growth has been translated into multiple languages. Born in Egypt, graduated Western college with Western military training and Al Azhar academics.

 My Intension for Stepping Up to be the Islamic Union's temporal Khalifa is Because:

1) There have been 3 Generations of Muslims that have grown up without a Khalifa so I am here to fill the void, technology has advanced far enough that I can be the temporary successor Caliph from online until a majority consensus can nominate someone more talented, focused, and devoted than me.

2) To show by example that even a Western raised Muslim can be brave enough to face the consequences that half a dozen potential Khalifas have faced in recent decades ranging from detention to death .

3) There is an electoral process that works for the world's most prosperous societies, this includes interim seats until the delegates vote on the world's new Islamic Caliph, so I am starting the process of electing a Caliph using at least one delegate from each Islamic country or a worldwide show called "Muslims' Got Talent" where each Iman can demonstrate their aptitude to be voted as the New Muslim Khalifa.

4) United We Stand, Divided we fall, Without having a Khalifa, individual Islamic countries have been repressed by United non-Muslims, I don't recall seeing the Islamic world have as much desire for the freedom to elect a world leader and remove the colonial apartheid monarchs, Muslims are performing any means necessary to remove colony suppression and grow the Islamic Union.

5) To perform as many Khalifa duties as possible while in the interim seat, including: Performing Khutbahs, Starting the process of electing delegates to vote for a new Caliph, Creating the Declaration of Islamic Union Citizenship, Being a World Community Organizer, and Most Importantly, to facilitate the raising of the Muslim world's livelihood (Health, Education, Mobility, Wealth, and Dean).

Declaration of Islamic Union Citizenship

1) We, Monotheists who Submit Our Will to the Creator of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Heaven and Earth, declare that There is Only One God and Muhammad is a Prophet of God.

2) We Will double our efforts to be a Good Muslims, doing twice as much Good deeds, Quran reading, Try twice as hard to be better Muslim fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters.

3) We Will Identify this Union as Identical to a University, thus Our Caliphate is "Islamic U" Because the First Word in Our Holy Book the Quran is "Read", We Are Students and Teachers of our Timeless Religion and New Skills, Trends, Technologies to Make us More Prosperous.

3) We will respect every human in the world as someone born Muslim, Only Allah is the Judge of a human's Faith, we do not judge people in a University who have bad teachers or who are lazy students, we only sympathize for them, pray for them, and tutor them if they allow.

4) Sunni, Shiite and Anyone who Says the Shahada, "There is Only One God and Muhammad is the Prophet of God" are Equal!  We Are To Love Those Who Say "I Am Muslim" as Our Own Brothers or Sisters, whether they are white Muslims, black Muslims, Chinese Muslims, European Muslims, Any Muslims. The Jews and the Christians have peace, the Muslim and the Muslim are Peace.

5) We Are A Union of More than 2 Billion people, there are 7 Billion people in the world, so there are 5 billion people who we have the duty to invite to Islam, the pen is 200 times more powerful than the sword, a teacher can benefit Islam and have more Blessings 200 times more than a terrorist.

With Your Support, being the interim Khalifa can be my Passion, I can fill this Void, my focus can be a Laser, my heart is bigger than 2 lions, and I've walked on holy ground, we have 5 Billion people to invite into our Union, with your support, I will work full time to help grow the Islamic Union.

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Jazak Allah Khair (May God Bless You)

Mohamed Ghounem